Terms and Conditions

Objective of the Site

This contract describes the general terms and conditions for the use of the contents and services in the website www.buybuks.com that is available to all users of Internet.

Through the website, BuyBuks offers users access and use of different contents and services, available via BuyBuks through other users of the website and through third party sites of services and information.

Access and use of the website

By using the website, the user agrees to abide by and be bound by the terms and conditions set by BuyBuks at the moment of accessing the site.

In consequence, the user must thoroughly read the general terms and conditions before accessing the site. If the user does not agree to abide by and be bound by all these terms and conditions, which are compulsory and related, they must not use the site. In addition, the use of services and contents of the website is subject to the advertisement and the terms and conditions provided by BuyBuks to the users, which complete what is foreseen in these terms and conditions, unless they do not agree with them.

BuyBuks reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify at any time and without previous notice, the presentation and configuration of the website, as well as the services, the contents and the present terms and conditions.

The user agrees to abide by the law when using the website, its contents and services, compelling at the same time to:

1- Abstain from using the website and services for any purpose that is unlawful or illegal, in any manner which could damage the rights and interests of other parties, or in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the operation of the website or interrupt the normal use of the web site by the users.

2- Use the contents of the website in a diligent, correct and licit manner and complies to abstain from using the contents to break the law, the morality and the customs of public order, reproduce or copy, distribute or otherwise use the contents for any public or commercial purpose, change or modify the contents, unless authorized by the owner of the copyrights unless being legally permitted. The user must not eliminate, avoid or manipulate the copyright and other data belonging to BuyBuks and its contents, as well as any technical protection devices, or any other information in the contents.

As in accordance to the above, the user understands and agrees voluntarily that the use of the website, the services and contents, are only under his/her own responsibility. BuyBuks reserves the right to deny access to the website and its services, at any time and without notice, to those users who do not abide by these terms and conditions of use.


With regard to the use of the service, the user must give all the information required by the website. Consequently, the user declares and must agree that all the information given, as well as any other information that BuyBuks requires, will be exact, complete, updated and authentic, at all times.

The user is responsible for any declaration, operation or event that occurs by the use of their user name and password; access to the account is only permitted by the use of a password, which should only be known by the user. BuyBuks reserves the right to refuse or cancel any registration, without having to notify or explain the reasons for its decision and also without having to indemnify or compensate the user.

The user complies to notify immediately of any unauthorized use of their registration. BuyBuks will not be responsible for any damages or loss occurred because of the incompliance of the terms and conditions of this contract. BuyBuks will be able to use any information from the registration when necessary.

All the information given by the user will be used in accordance to BuyBuks privacy policy, which the user must agree with as they are an integral part in this contract.

Intellectual property

All contents of the website, including texts, graphics, designs, software and programs are the sole property of BuyBuks and are protected by local and international law.

BuyBuks does not give any license or authorization for the use of its copyrights or any copyright related to the use of the web site, its services and contents.

Exemption and responsibility

Information and opinions contained in the website

BuyBuks can not guarantee the truth, the up to date accuracy or honesty of the information or opinions provided in the website or in any of the links. The information contained in the website does not denote any kind of opinion about the security or quality of the different kind of services and products offered. The opinions, analysis or information in the website are provided to the user only to help them make their own decisions and can not be considered as recommendations to contract a particular service. Also, BuyBuks can not guarantee that any information given may not contain inaccuracies and or errors.

BuyBuks does not take any responsibility for lack of veracity, integrity, updating and accuracy of data or information of any nature, including offers, products, services, characteristics or any other information about the products and services offered through its website by third parties and all contents, data or information provided on their websites. BuyBuks reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update, remove, limit or stop the use of the contents of the website, temporarily or indefinitely.

Functioning of the web site

BuyBuks can not guarantee that the site will be uninterrupted, error-free or fault-free.

The user knows and accepts that BuyBuks is not responsible for the quality of the transmission, or the time it will take the user to access the site or services, or any other fault in communications.

Under no circumstances BuyBuks will be responsible for any other damage (including, without limitation, any loss of use, lost profits or damages resulting from the loss of data or business interruptions) arising out of or in any way related to the use of, or the inability to use, the content, materials and services offered in the website. BuyBuks does not guarantee the inexistence of bugs or other dangers that could cause damages or alterations to the users system and from which it is not responsible.


1-Length of the service

There are no limitations in the length of time for the use of the website and its services. However, BuyBuks is authorized to end or suspend the service of the website, including its services and contents, at any time. When possible, BuyBuks will give notice in advance of any termination or suspension of the service.

2-Applicable law and jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are in abidance with the law in the Republic of Argentina. BuyBuks and the user, abide by the jurisdiction of the Tribunales Ordinarios de la Ciudad Autnona de Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Intellectual and Industrial property

All the content in the website, including without limitations, texts, graphics, images, designs, including copyrights, as well as brands, commercial names or any other distinctive signs, are property of their respective owners. BuyBuks therefore reserves all the rights to the above mentioned. The user must not, in any way, mechanically, electronically or graphically, reproduce or publicly display the contents of this website, without the permission of BuyBuks.

BuyBuks does not provide any warranty with respect to damages or detriments occurred by the use of its contents or any infringement of the law.

Content forewarn

BuyBuks intends to use any means necessary to avoid personal offence to users within our website. Regarding the contents of the site, BuyBuks follows both Argentine law and international laws where applicable.

On the other hand, we can not know if any of the websites contents are inappropriate or illicit in other countries. If you find this to be the case, we ask you to leave our site. If not, you acknowledge that any content forbidden by the legislation of your country shall be at your sole risk. If you think that any content in our website is inappropriate, please inform us by email at info@buybuks.com

Communications and notifications

All communications are considered authentic when using the email form provided. The user complies to update BuyBuks with all the changes in their personal information and email addresses at all time.

BuyBuks must at all times update and inform its users of any information. The user accepts that the information that he/she provided is authentic.

BuyBuks reserves the right without notice, to change, remove or add any contents, presentation or locations and services on the website.

Privacy and confidentiality policy

It is the intention of BuyBuks to bring its clients all the information (new arrivals, offers, news, etc) without annoyance.

The client must agree to accept these terms in accordance with the law.

Personal data is recorded and registered in a database owned by BuyBuks. This information enables us to open user accounts and send clients information about our products and services, by post or email.

If you do not wish to have your personal information used for the aims of promotion or in the advertisement of BuyBuks products or services, please send an email to info@buybuks.com